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FOX News
Jul 16, 2011 8:00am PDT
it. unemployed and underemployed have limited health care. i don't see what the big deal is about a bipartisan panel that limits cost in medicare costs that are run away. >> it is happening, this rationing. it doesn't make any difference if the government gets involved. >> instead of government control how about free enterprise and produce more health care and do better delivery. david, this panel is unconstitutional. it has no review and in terms of what they do and the way they ration health care, the death panels. they will say certain procedures you don't get reimbursed for. it is right after the elderly. >>> and it is not just steve forbes saying this. democrat frank palon new jersey congressman said i never support today and i would certainly be in favorolis. >> democrat frank paul thereto one is a fool. rationing is a good thing. when your health care provider said you can use this network doctor or pay extra out that is rationing . when the co-pay went up. that is rationing. it is called an economic system and benefits you ration things. when 10 percent of the medicare ben
FOX News
Jul 23, 2011 8:00am PDT
done or what? >> i think there are a lot of big problems and we can't ignore it. but the biggest problem is not admit that this country is bankrupt. if you don't admit the true problem you will have the bickering back and forth and will not come up with the answer. when country the size of ours gets to bankruptcy the debt gets default on . adam myth would argue this case . only two ways to default, one through the deflationary process where the debt is lequidating and the other by debasing the currency. it is easier to debase the currency and have the debt liquidated in real terps than allow the bankruptcies to come. we didn't permit the bankruptcies four years ago and the problems got worse and our debt exploded. there are terrible choices and the worse choice is pretending that the bankruptcy is not before us and we don't have to admit the seriousness . problem and address it >> i am amazed at congressman how we sustained the triple a rating for the years. >> who gave it to us? they gave ratings to fannie mae and freddie mac. >> very good point. >> they warn us about the disast
FOX News
Jul 9, 2011 11:00am EDT
is hard low a government conspiracy. the current system is awful. big corp rages is the only way to get health care . it stifles initiative and anything but the current system. it is not works. a reason why they are not coming up with the exchanges, a lot of the americans don't want it. >> and the states are respond they are saying to the government. look, the way this is going to work. medicaid is going to take on 16 million uninsured and the others are going through the exchanges and so basically medicaid is the halfway house to a single payer system . the states are saying we can't handle the costs. we are cutting back on education and transportation and you know, so that is where you are seeing austerity kicking in at a state level. they have to swallow the cost . i got to tell you, david. it is more federal money to help launch the exchanges meaning more tax dollars. >> the federal government said if we don't have states with the exchanges, we'll step in. the federal government will step in control health care in those states. >> that would be tragic and what would that do to invas
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)